Get Your Own Parky

You too can bring a Parky into your home and share his stories on the “Where is Parky” website. By ordering your own Parky, you are supporting the Travel Grants Fund for the next World Parkinson Congress.  

100% of the profit goes directly into the fund to help bring junior researchers & clinicians, as well as people living with Parkinson’s to the WPC.

The World Parkinson Congress is the only global Parkinson’s event that includes the entire community. It  gives a chance to researchers to meet patients, and patients to meet researchers, and allows for clinicians to meet people with Parkinson’s outside of the clinic to learn more about the disease and how it impacts individuals and families on a daily basis. It’s had a profound impact on how the Parkinson’s community connects, communicates, and works together.

Steps to Purchase Your Own Parky

Step 1:
Purchase your Parky here

Step 2:
Your Parky arrives at home

Step 3:
Take a photo of yourself with Parky on a fun adventure

Step 4:
Submit your picture and story here

Step 5:
Your story and Parky “pin” will be live on our map within 1 week. Be sure to check back!