We are the Parky brothers of Brooklyn

Story By Eli

Hi there!

We are the Parky brothers of Brooklyn.

We live with our human, Eli Pollard, who happens to run the World Parkinson Coalition and organizes each WPC. Talk about luck! When Parky 2013 was born, Eli had no idea how popular he’d be, but he was so popular that it was decided that Parky 2016 would have to be created as well. You can tell us apart because big brother is wearing the red shirt with the maple leaf, which was used in Montreal in 2013 and little brother has on the blue shirt with the mountain image because amazing mountains surround Portland.

What we love about being a part of the Parky community is that the more people we meet, the more inspired we are by the amazing things the community is doing around the world. We are also reminded that we are not alone and that there are many people out there in the world who are touched by Parkinson’s disease. They may not all have a Parky like us, but we wish they could have their own Parky to sit on their shelf and remind them that they are part of a larger community who cares about them.

We like hanging out in Brooklyn and chilling on the stoop. Our human, Eli, has two children who both love to cuddle, so we get lots of love and hope you do too!

See you in Portland!

Hugs and Kisses,

Parky brothers of Brooklyn