Parky Story

Story By Kirk Hall

Hi everybody!  This is Parky the Raccoon comin’ at ya’ from the “Far Out!” west!  I am lovin’ tent camping with my new family and their collection of little critters (they call them grandchildren) in the many scenic campgrounds, state and national parks (or parkies, as I like to call them).  However, I do NOT like the bears!  They are totally rude, plus they smell awful!  I can see why so many people are high on life (and other things) out here!  We have been going to church quite a bit (I have been prayin’ that I will see many of you at the 2019 World Parkinson Congress in Kyoto, Japan:  My favorite hymn is “Little Brown Church in the ____ (sorry, you are going to have to fill in the blanks).  Can you guess what state I’m in?  Any of you Parkies who guessed confusion, my new Parkie buddy here in ________ says he knows “whence you speak”.   By the way, any of you “farm animals” who think I should have included “from” before “whence”, see