Parky on a Mac

Story By Jillian Carson

My desk started shaking, no it wasnt time for my meds! I looked up and there was Parky jumping up and down. Parky I said , Whats up?! Parky said what? Don’t you know? , it is only 4 months now before we get to go to Portland! You have been taking me to so many places and I have been waiting for so long, I just got really excited! I want to know where I’m going to be staying? How are we getting there? What day are we leaving? Are you ready ? I assured my friend Parky I finally got my registration in, I have my hotel and not to worry!! Now I’m shaking and need a pill….hahahahaha See you all in Portland, register before the price goes up , get a place to stay! Woooo Hoo!