Parky Story

Story By Madonna Brady, Stafford, Queensland

This is the second Parky at our home, we have the red one from Montreal too. I’m fortunate to have received a travel grant to attend WPC2013 in Montreal and believe that the funds raised to enable PWP from around the world to travel to this amazing meeting are so very important. Parkinson’s is said to make your life smaller but attending the WPC in Montreal has made my life bigger, talking to people about the WPC and the wonderful things that are happening around the world is the best thing. Parky arrived from NYC last week, he and Indy are spending quality time in the most comfortable places, he usually sits above the computer and watches DJMadonna at the decks doing her radioparkies radioshow. Perhaps Parky will go to Vanuatu with the man of the house and Parky may travel to Melbourne in July, if Indy lets him. Later in the year, Parky will travel to Vancouver and ride on the Rocky Mountaineer before arriving in Portland to attend the WPC 2016 as part of the Radioparkies group of DJs who will be at the RP booth at the congress exhibitors hall.